KT Motosport 2013

Marek Fried – dancing while racing
One lap on Hungaroring – pedal view.

KT Motosport v médiích
In season 2013 pilots of KT MOTOSPORT participate in Eset V4 Cupu 2013. News are regulary broadcasted on Sport 5, or in 102 octans on Nova Sport. We are bringing you an interview with Petr Mandelík recorded 12.5.2013 on Red Bull Ringu in Austria.

Poznaň 1.7.2012
Fight for the first place between both KT MOTORSPORT pilots Marek Fried and Petr Mandelík.

Poznaň 30.6.2012
On-board video with crash on start of endurance race from cockpit of Lotus Exige GT-R. Driver Petr Mandelík.

Red Bull Ring 19.-20.5.2012
On-board video from the 1st race from the cockpit of Lotus Exige S1. Driver Marek Fried.


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